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Water Treatment Plant


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The plant is of the Multi Barrier Type and is suitable for water production for all major franchises. The plant comprises raw water break tank, in line coagulation, multi media filters, dealkalisers, chlorination, storage and carbon filtration.

Raw Water Break Tank & Pumps.

The plant is supplied with a rwa water break tank to comply with water byelaws. The tank is equipped with level controls for the water inlet and low level pump protection. Water is pumped from the tank by duty and standby feed pumps which are designed for backwash duties as well.

Multi Media Filters.

The water is passed through multi media filters after first being dosed with a coagulant. This coagulant is flow proportioned into the water and can either be poly aluminium cholride (PAC) or a food grade polyelectrolyte. The water is flocculated in the head space of the filter and microscopic particles present in the water can be more easily removed by the filter. The preformance of the filter can be best monitored by the use of a turbidity monitor on the filtered water. When the filter has passed a present quantity of water, the filter must be backwashed. The backwash will be carried out automatically by Allen Bradley PLC controller each filter will be backwashed in turn and during the backwash there will be no water to service.


After filtration the water passes through two 50% duty dealkalisers which remove the alkalinity in the water. An automatic blend by pass is incorporated so that the outlet water can be blended to 50mg/I. Each dealkaliser is quipped with a water meter and pH meter to initiate an automatic regeneration. The regeneration is carried out automatically via the PLC using Hydrochloric acid.
Water Treatment Plant
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Ex Major Soft Drink Manufacturer. Vimto Soft Drinks. The plant will produce 70 Cubic Metres Per hour of beverage quality water.

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